With this level of service, you pay no fee unless and until you hire a candidate we refer. We obtain a complete job description, profile of the type of candidate you require, and develop selling points for your opportunity. Candidates are located through our extensive database, via our associates, or by direct recruiting efforts. We screen, interview, select the best candidates for your consideration, reference check them and manage the negotiation process to placement.

Our contingency fee is a percentage of the candidate’s total realistic first year’s compensation (including salary, bonus, commission and other cash compensation). We submit the invoice when the offer and acceptance of employment is made. Our fee becomes due the day the new employee reports to work. If the candidate selected should leave within thirty days of commencing employment, and our invoice has been paid, we will continue the search at no additional charge.

All of our search methods can be carried out for one or multiple hires. Ask us about enlisting our network of associates to recruit an entire sales force to your company.

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