Our top priority. This plan is for urgent or high-level executive searches that require “full marketplace coverage,” and in sensitive cases where confidentiality is paramount. We serve as your company’s directed recruiting resource.

To locate the very best talent, regardless of the location of the candidate, an executive search may be appropriate. The highest level of service is provided to clients who select this level of search. We bring all of our resources into play and assign several people to the project, whose only function will be fulfillment of the position opening. We develop a “white paper” which is an effective means of presenting your opportunity to recruits. We screen, interview, select the best candidates for your consideration, reference check them and manage the negotiation process to placement.

Our fee is a percentage of the first year’s total, realistic earnings (including salary, bonus, commission and other cash compensation). Clients are billed for any pre-approved travel expenses related to the search. Clients are invoiced in three installments. The first invoice is submitted when the search is authorized; the second at the beginning of the second month; the third when the candidate accepts the position.

A client may cancel a search at any time. We will stop working immediately and our final invoice will include our fee, pro-rated to the date of cancellation, plus any pre-authorized expenses incurred.

If the candidate selected should leave within three months of the date of commencing employment, we will continue the search, charging only expenses.

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