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Organizations thrive when they have the right talent on their team, and sales is no exception. In today’s vastly changing hiring market, finding and retaining sales talent isn’t an easy task. We understand the external motivators that cause employees to leave—relocation, for instance—but struggle to grasp why they might leave our own organization. 

When an employee leaves, you can’t ignore the reasons they do so. Ultimately, it is our job as the leaders of our teams to keep our employees satisfied with their roles. This should take priority, especially because high employee turnover hurts your bottom line and lends itself to a weakened company culture. As individuals feel appreciated and thrive, so does the entire team, leading to better performance and an organization with low turnover.  

Still, sometimes it’s tough to understand just what is causing high employee turnover, but there are usually several recognizable and fixable issues leading to problems with retention. 


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Seven Reasons Why Employees Quit:

Employees never leave without a reason, and as high-performing organizations, it is our duty to understand why professionals choose to leave and how we can better retain sales talent. This FREE downloadable PDF from Best Sales Talent’s founder and president, Peter Cotton, explores the seven main reasons why employees quit and how you can look for these issues within your own organization.

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