We are in the people business. We provide customized solutions to your unique requirements that will help you achieve specific hiring goals and objectives while saving you and your company time and money.

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Top sales, sales management and marketing talent are always in demand. Our personalized service can help you meet the companies who can best utilize your talents.

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We specialize in selling

We can help make the hiring process simpler, faster and more cost-effective.

Our mission is to help sales professionals excel at selling and to facilitate the growth of our client companies with the Best Sales Talent. We offer our expertise in helping individuals and companies perform better than their competitors.

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The BEST Qualified Talent

Best Sales Talent is helping our client companies build their businesses through the efficient acquisition of the best-qualified talent. We focus our efforts on locating and placing the top performers in sales, sales management, and marketing — and on those individuals who give back disproportionate value to their employers. The types that do their jobs and then some. They bring their skill, their energy, and passion for their work. Their effort doesn’t end just because the day has.

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    We specialize in sales, sales management, and marketing professionals. We believe it takes one to know one.

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    We employ the latest techniques in candidate sourcing and recruitment practices, interviewing and screening.

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    Our candidates enjoy the unique experience of working with a seasoned professional to assist them in determining their career direction.


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What you can expect

At Best Sales Talent we are committed to creating exceptional partnerships with our clients that enable us to provide world-class service while upholding the highest standards of professionalism and ethics.

Search Methods

At Best Sales Talent, we offer three methods of search and recruitment to our client companies. Retained Search, Priority Search, and Contingency Search.

Recruiting Process

We start by speaking with you to understand your business and your unique needs. Unlike other services, we take the time to truly learn about you and your company.


Finding the right person or the right company is hard work. Trust the professionals at Best Sales Talent to take the time to do it the right way with a process that’s yielded success for more than 40 years.

Candidate Overview

Best Sales Talent is in the business of positively influencing people’s lives.

Interviewing Tips

90% of hires are based solely upon the interview, according to a Harvard Business Review study. In fact, 63% of hiring decisions are made within the first 4.3 minutes
of an interview (courtesy SHRM).

Counteroffer Dangers

Companies react to a resignation in different ways. If the company you are joining is a competitor or if your present company’s culture is paternal, as is the case in many privately held companies, the reaction to you leaving may be hostility followed by dismissal.

Resume Tips

Can’t think of anything to write down about what you do in your job? We guarantee that you will come up with some new ideas about your job responsibilities and skills.

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