Candidate Testimonials

Thanks for helping launch my sales career 34 years ago! It’s been a great career and a fun ride!

R. Nelson

Market Vice President, Major Communications Company


Working with Peter was a breeze. I applied to a role he was looking to fill and he reached out to me immediately. He quickly outlined the interview process and didn’t waste time, in fact, he was able to get interviews set up with the decision-makers the following day, despite having three finalists in the process. Peter was candid with how to approach the most important questions around compensation, cultural fit, work-life balance, management expectations, and gave helpful insight to what an ideal candidate would bring to the table. I was two months into an exhaustive job search, working with multiple recruiters across several industries. I can honestly say that working with Peter was a refreshing experience compared to the others. What stood out most was his focus on one goal – setting you up for success. Peter has a unique process I had never experienced before. Since landing the job, I’ve sent people in my network to Peter because I know they will have a good experience.

David H.

Director of Sales, Finance Services


Thank you, Peter, for all your efforts before, during and after the hiring process. You are the most thorough recruiter I have ever worked with. I have never had a faster response at the beginning of a job- hunting process.   On a Saturday night, I sent in a resume to an advertisement you posted, and you responded in less than an hour.  We immediately set up a time for a first consultation. Throughout the interview process, you gave me explicit instructions on how to prepare for each step and what I needed to do to put my best foot forward. As the process went along, you made sure we had a discussion prior to each interview with the employer so I was perfectly prepared. You placed me in a perfect job! Ever since the first time we began working together, you have continued to stay in touch, and you encourage me.  You even gave me a lead for some possible business.  I have never heard of a recruiter being so thorough! I plan on keeping in touch with you and you will be my first call when I need to expand my team! Thank you, Peter! It is an honor and pleasure to know you!

Hugh C

Sales Director, Electronic Manufacturing Services Provider


I’d like to take a minute and express my gratitude towards Peter Cotton and his company Best Sales Talent. Like many of you who are reading this, we get unsolicited messages from recruiters. And like you, I often read them and quickly discard them. Peter’s approach was different. He provided value. He gave me reasons why I needed to take 15 minutes to speak with him. If you’re considering making an appointment with Peter because he reached out to you, do yourself a favor and call him and never look back. Chances are he has an opportunity for you better than the one you currently have. Peter made the whole process seamless. I never had to question a thing because Peter was always 2 steps ahead. He provided great guidance and advice throughout the phone screens and face to face interviews. He was also able to negotiate a substantial increase in my salary. I can’t thank Peter enough for his dedication and professional relentlessness he showed during my recruitment. I highly recommend Peter Cotton and his company if you’re considering a career change. And if you’re happy where you are, contact him anyway because you never know what tomorrow, next month, or next year will bring.

David S. – Director of Business Development, Pharmaceutical Industry


My name had been given to Peter with regards to an open position that he was recruiting for.  Within a few minutes during our initial call, I felt like I had known Peter for many years.  As we progressed during this call it became clear that I would be interested in the position and Peter believed I would be a good fit.  During the selection process, Peter always made himself available and was always transparent and forthright regarding the status of the search.  While Peter’s obligation was primarily to the company he was representing, I always felt that Peter did his best to represent me well.  As it turned out, I was offered and accepted the position.  My initial weeks with the company substantiated the claims that Peter represented during the selection process.  I feel I owe Peter a great deal for taking the time to listen and understand who I am and what I could do and recognizing that I could be successful in this new role. I certainly plan on keeping Peter high on my contact list!

Richard L.

Director,  Pharmaceutical Business Development


I want to express my gratitude towards Peter Cotton for his expertise and due diligence in relation to providing guidance and feedback throughout the entire job placement process. After 22 years at the same company I found myself in need of employment. Peter’s knowledge and open feedback was a differentiator for me throughout the entire job placement process. Peter helped me to hone my interview skills to put me in a better position when it came to the actual interaction with the hiring manager. I truly believe the partnership with Peter positioned me to succeed and ultimately be selected for the General Manager position with one of his client companies. I would highly recommend Peter and his firm, Best Sales Talent.

John R.

General Manager, Office Furniture Dealer


My first interaction with Peter was when he contacted me in regards to an open sales position he was seeking to fill. Peter was extremely professional and very helpful during the entire interview process from start to finish. I can’t thank Peter enough for his guidance and expert advice in helping me transition into my current position — one that I’ve succeeded in for more than 10 years. I would recommend Peter to any organization looking for a top candidate or any individual looking to take their career to the next level. Thank you again Peter, your efforts were and still are much appreciated.

Marty H.

Sales Representative, Material Testing Equipment Manufacturer


For various reasons, I decided it was time for a change in my career.  My job search was becoming overwhelming as I continued to come across the same organizations time and time again.  It was crystal clear that these companies were not seeking new candidates to manage growth. Employee reviews revealed that many of these organizations were constantly turning and burning through all their employees.  Confidence in myself and the change I was seeking started to weigh heavily on me.  Maybe now wasn’t a good time to pursue a career change.  Then I met Peter Cotton from Best Sales Talent, LLC.  Peter was familiar with the company where I worked.  He seemed certain that with my experience and skill set, we could find a valued position with a great company.  This is when Peter transformed from a recruiter into a trusted mentor.  Peter has a way about him that is very comfortable and inviting.  He was always just a phone call away if I had any questions.  His insight in the hiring process and resources are second to none. I can’t thank him enough for helping me through this seemingly daunting process.  I’ve been in my current position for 3 months now and I couldn’t be happier.

Peter R.

National Sales Executive, Wheel Chair Accessible Van Converter


I truly appreciated your assistance in helping me obtain a new career path in the Insurance industry. Your communication skills, coaching abilities, insights about the organization and negotiating skills were superb. I appreciated your timely feedback and guidance in helping me navigate through the interview process. You are a true professional and excellent in your role. I would recommend your services to any client looking to hire the best talent.

Alexander P.

District Manager Insurance Industry


Though I’ve known Peter only for a brief period of time, he has become an integral part of my family through his sheer intent of helping people and guiding them with his intellect and experience. Most wisdom traditions do propagate the idea of cultivating the quality of one’s own self by restraining the mind and senses to experience the true meaning of one’s purpose and it was exactly how it appeared to me whenever I’ve had conversations with Peter. He would walk me through those incidents and instances where I’ve been unable to look for traces of opportunity and to gather myself with greater energy and confidence. It’s a known fact that Peter is extremely professional but beyond that, I’ve come to realize that I have found a great friend and philosopher in Peter. I wish the very best of what life can offer him.

Pradeep K.



For the short time I have known Peter Cotton he has worked tirelessly on behalf of myself and his employer client to create the best match.  Peter has both parties’ best interests in mind to create opportunities for success.  I encourage any job seekers, or employers, to utilize Best Sales Talent, LLC.   Peter’s experience of knowing what it’s like to “walk in your shoes,” his vast knowledge of his client companies and the hiring process makes the difficult undertaking of changing jobs a seamless transition.  Peter will be a lifelong contact and someone I can confide in for advice and related experiences.  Beyond being part of Peter’s professional network, he has become a friend as well.

Rob F.

Restoration Services Company


Peter is simply great; he is professional, accessible, and highly informative. Highly experimented, he stays ahead of the game and his tips are priceless. I benefited greatly from his extensive knowledge, and appreciated his diligence and energy. Thanks Peter!

Anne D.

Project Manager with Master’s Degrees in International Marketing, Human Resources & Psychology


It’s rare that I would get an unsolicited testimonial from a candidate so long after I placed him (35 years later), but always nice to receive.  The comment below (dated January 2015) is from a candidate I placed in 1980, by the name of Jim.  He was not yet in the selling profession.  He owned a marina.  I saw great potential in him, as well as his deep desire to be a successful sales person.  I gave him the chance to interview for a job where the employer required a proven track record in boat sales to dealers. The employer was understandably skeptical of Jim’s abilities before meeting him, but during the interview he, too, saw Jim’s drive, ambition, passion and desire – and the fact that Jim could relate very well to marina owners and boat dealers by understanding their business problems.  So he hired Jim, even though he didn’t have the track record.  Jim became the #1 salesman in the company in his first full year on the job and he held that rank for years.  He went on to have a highly successful 35-year sales career. “Peter, you got me my first job on the road and I am forever indebted to you.”

Jim I.

Sales Professional in the Marine Industry (power boats and sail boats)


Very rarely do you meet a person like Peter Cotton, who is diligent, organized, and far exceeds expectations. I initially met Peter when he called me regarding a position he was recruiting for. He listened attentively to my feelings about what type of position would interest me. He called me right away with a dream opportunity that I accepted and am very happy with today. His attention to detail was refreshing and impressive. I have spoken to many recruiters in my career, and none have been as helpful as Peter was to find a position that fits my needs, not his. I would highly recommend Peter as a reliable contact to anyone looking for a recruiter that really listens and works hard to find exactly what you’re looking for. He’s also quite personable with a great sense of humor and remains a long-term contact.

Anna B.

Marketing Manager Marketing Communications Firm


I had the honor of having Peter choose me as a candidate for a position he was hired to recruit for in 2010. I found Peter to be not only an advocate for the company he was recruiting for, but a mentor for the candidates he chose for his employer to consider. Peter seems to have an innate ability to analyze both the needs and abilities of employer and candidates, then select highly capable candidates for interviews I was fortunate enough to be hired for the company Peter was recruiting for. It has been a very positive experience for both me and my employer.

Glen S.

Regional Sales Manager Plastics Manufacturer


The priceless abilities and connections which Peter Cotton possesses could not be adequately described in just a few words. Very rarely do I meet someone of such intellect and understanding of the various industries comprising our world.  I met Peter shortly after my college years came to an end. I had landed a position, but in an industry far from fulfilling my career aspirations. I was desperately seeking a new career path and was provided with Peter’s contact information by a mutual colleague. Peter immediately assisted me obtaining a new position in an industry that I found to be much more intriguing. In all of my years of working and schooling I have never had such a fast-paced and flawless transition from one part of my life to another. Peter was not only remarkable at assisting me in achieving my career goals, but is also a wonderful individual who was always willing to lend a helping hand when needed. As part of his placement services, I participated in a sales training program, which Peter conducted.  It has given me an excellent foundation for my new sales career.  I can sincerely say I am grateful for having met Peter and I am extremely blessed to have been able to learn and work with him in my new position. 

Anna B.

Contamination Control Specialist Contamination Control Products Manufacturer


I was looking for work, and Peter interviewed me for the position in sales that I currently hold. I was in the process of changing careers, and knew that I had a lot to learn. Peter believed I could become a successful sales person, and encouraged me. He even let me borrow sales training materials that he had used in the past to train his own sales people. This was over and above what I had expected from someone who was placing me in a job. This also made me believe in myself, so I started my job in sales with confidence! I highly recommend Peter Cotton, and am very grateful for his help in furthering my career.

Fran V.

Sales Representative Office Furniture Dealer


I have known Peter Cotton for more than 30 years and I highly recommend him to any employer seeking the best sales, sales management or marketing talent — or to any top sales or marketing professional seeking a new career. Peter is the most knowledgeable person I know in the recruiting industry. He has been in the industry for nearly four decades. The candidates that Peter places in new positions add value to their employers by bringing them new and increased, profitable business. I utilized his services as a candidate and he helped me obtain a sales position in advertising. Aside from caring about his clients and candidates, Peter has led and directed extensive work with non-profit organizations. A perfect example is the Make-A-Wish Foundation of Rhode Island, which Peter founded and managed as its President and as Acting Executive Director. He accomplished this while running his own recruiting business.

Lynn P.

Independent Insurance Broker


Out of college, I was unsure how I wanted to begin my career in business and was fortunate to have had Peter recommended to me for advice. Peter quickly arranged an interview with a company that has offered me excellent opportunities since being hired. Despite having limited experience in sales at the time, Peter guided me through the trials and tribulations that come along with being a young salesman in a tough industry. I was also given an opportunity to participate in a sales training program Peter conducted that has proven to be an invaluable experience, and has continued to show dividends over time as I further develop my personal selling skills. Peter’s knowledge, experience, and support have proven to be a major factor in my success so far in my career.

Alex M.

Business Development Manager Contamination Control Products Manufacturer


I met Peter when I was fresh out of college looking to start my career in business. Thanks to Peter I was introduced to his vast network of invaluable contacts in the fields in which I was interested. Peter’s ongoing coaching and professional advice has helped me advance in my career. I have great appreciation for the efforts of Peter and his organization on my behalf in identifying and pursuing a new and exciting employment opportunity for me back in 2008. His approach has been nothing short of professional and courteous. In business, we sometimes need to make important decisions which are frequently difficult. I have valued Peter as a “sounding board” for my decision process and the research he has done to provide input to those decisions. While I do not anticipate another career change in the near future, I have utilized Peter’s services in the hiring of outstanding sales talent since I became promoted. I would give anyone my strongest recommendation for his recruiting services. Finally, I want to express simple thanks for his unwavering support.

Marcus V.

National Sales Manager Contamination Control Products Manufacturer


I have known Peter for more than twenty-five years, first meeting him when he was the recruiter working on an assignment for an energy services company; he taught me many practical lessons necessary to win that position, and has been an invaluable career mentor since. I would not hesitate to call on Peter for his expert recruitment knowledge and capabilities, extensive contacts, and forthright and professional approach to creating the ultimate “win-win” when the right executive or manager is placed in the best “job fit” role. Peter takes his responsibilities associated with recruitment very seriously, and is most deserving of the reputation he enjoys with local, national and global companies that rely on his expertise. He is generous with friends, community organizations, and is a loyal and trustworthy professional.

Paul F.

Chief Operating Officer Technology Company


It has been my pleasure to personally benefit from Peter’s efforts as both a recruit and client. For our small-to-mid-size business, Peter’s ability to search out, recruit, and close top candidates for several of our key positions has saved countless man hours; thus allowing managers to focus on their technical strengths and leaving our human resources requirements to a true professional.

John M.

Inside Sales Manager Traffic Safety Products Manufacturer


Peter has been in the recruiting business for nearly forty years. I have worked alongside him for that entire period and have found him to be one of the most capable recruiters I have ever known, as ethical as ethical can be, a brilliant person in all matters of business and life, an outstanding civic activist, family man and a quality human being by all standards.

Alan Schonberg

Independent Fund Raising Professional Founder and Chairman Emeritus of Management Recruiters International (MRI)


Peter is a go-getter at finding the right person for the job he is trying to fill. He isn’t hidebound and looks beyond the box for the right candidate. He is thorough and certainly a capable purveyor of his craft.

David D.

Senior Consultant Materials Testing Company


Peter is the consummate professional. He has always sought to solve problems, and create positive “win-win” situations. I have found him to be a tireless worker who conducts his business at the highest ethical level. Peter earns my highest recommendation. An experienced proven professional.

Bob C.

Real Estate Sales Former candidate and client


Just wanted to thank you again for all your help and encouragement these past few months. Your knowledge and experience was of great benefit to me and I sincerely appreciate it.

Dee S.

Sales Representative Consumer Products Manufacturer


I would like to express my appreciation for the thorough and professional assistance you provided me during my recent job search. My past experiences with different recruiters were very often frustrating and a complete waste of my time. Thankfully, my experience with you was quite the opposite. From the time of our initial comprehensive interview to my eventual acceptance of an outstanding opportunity with an excellent company, you and your staff were delightful to work with.

Tom K.

Product Manager Specialty Textile Manufacturer


To just say thank you for all your help, would not adequately express my feelings. I am grateful to you for all your time and effort aiding me in obtaining my new career. However, my deepest gratitude to you is for your concern, your consideration, and your genuine belief in me. I deeply appreciate that and your friendship.

Bob W.

Sales Engineer Industrial Valves Manufacturer


This past year has exceeded all my expectations. I was awarded the Sales Achievement Award, given to the top sales people in each region for the largest sales increase over goal. My wife and I will be attending the awards banquet in Florida next month. My new career has been personally and financially rewarding. I want to thank you very much for placing me with the company. It has proven to be the best move of my career.

Robert B.

Senior Sales Representative Pharmaceutical Manufacturer


I am writing to thank you for the help you have given me in trying to find a sales position. Although I was successful in my college studies, it is very evident to me that I am not experienced as to how the real world operates and what it takes to get a good job. I can only describe your guidance and patience with me as no less than spectacular. I wish you and your family a happy and fulfilling life, much like the one you have set me on the path to achieve.

Paul D.

Major Account Representative Incentives Company


Looking back upon the last two weeks of my new employment and remembering all the help you gave me in searching for this new and exciting position. It is time to say thank you very much for all your help and encouragement. This new position is the challenge and career opportunity I was searching for, and it was your guidance that made it all possible. I also want to thank you sincerely for the encouragement you gave to my brother through your phone conversation of last week. Your speaking with him gave him a very good understating of what his options are and it gave him the encouragement he needs at this time. Again, thank you for all you have done for my brother and me. It has been rewarding for me to deal with a professional such as you.

Steve H.

Sales Representative Bank Product Company


Thank you for helping me obtain my new career. I did not think I would be writing you a letter of this nature just two weeks after meeting you for the first time. I am extremely grateful for the efficient and professional assistance I received.

Bob G.

Senior Sales Engineer Industrial Controls Manufacturer


Thus far my career is advancing even more rapidly than I had anticipated. And I owe it all to you. The services you provided were both economical in terms of a time investment to obtain my new job, and highly accurate in terms of matching my wants and needs with the right company. I give credit to you for being able to study the needs of a candidate and an employer and making the right match. It must be very gratifying to know that you are taking part in helping people live fuller, happier lives. Good luck to you in all your endeavors.

Robert S.

Sales Manager Industrial Valves Manufacturer


Just a quick note to show my appreciation for the advice and excellent guidance you gave me in obtaining my new career. I’m particularly grateful in the way you became completely involved in my job search and stayed with me even after I secured my position. To me, this is the mark of a true professional. I will strongly recommend your firm to other sales people and to any company seeking top sales people.

Tom S.

Regional Sales Manager Consumer Products Manufacturer


I’d like to thank you very much for all of your hard work in helping me secure my new career. The position you helped me obtain is very exciting and I’m very happy with the way everything worked out. I felt you did an excellent job in helping me prepare for the interviews by providing me a wealth of information on the company and the Vice President of Sales. Your professional attitude and approach was most appreciated.

Mark L.

Regional Sales Manager Consumer Goods Wholesaler


I would like to say that without your help I would not be happily employed today, nor would I hold the position I do. It has been a very successful year for me with the end result of my being awarded the “Top Salesman Award,” for the entire company. I was presented the award at our recent national convention, and I was delighted, to say the least! Had you not done your prospecting and recruiting, I would not have had the opportunity to join this Fortune 500 Company. As you know, I was not actively seeking a new position, but your approach to me, your skill of making a marriage between me and my employer was unparalleled. You found me by doing some real prospecting. I will be eternally thankful to you. What you did has had a tremendously positive effect on me and my family

Jimmy I.

District Sales Manager Major Boat Manufacturer

I want to add my thanks as well for giving Jimmy such a tremendous opportunity to use his background in a sales role in the marine industry. He is truly very happy and satisfied with his career. The future is looking very bright for us, after a long bout of turmoil in his former business. My best regards to you and your family.

Elaine I.

Jimmy’s wife


I thought it would be appropriate to thank you for all you have done. I must say I was very impressed with how fast you arranged an interview for me. But I was more impressed with the amount of information you gave me on the position, the company and my prospective manager. It certainly helped me be effective during the interview. You can be assured that when I make it to a position of needing to hire sales people, you will be the only person I will call. After all, you show excellent judgment in the quality of candidates you refer to your clients!

Robert E.

Sales Representative Financial Services Company


It has been three months since I began my new career here. I can enthusiastically state that I have found a “home” here. Your efforts on my behalf are most appreciated. Your incisive analysis of my needs and those of the company have helped me earn a most rewarding career. I thank you for your professional advice and guidance.

Ed S.

Senior Sales Representative Office Machine Manufacturer


I would like to express my sincere gratitude for the help and encouragement you provided me during my search for new employment. Finding a worthwhile job dung these competitive times can be disillusioning and arduous, so it’s good to know that there are professionals such as you who understand today’s’ marketplace. You were not the only recruiter I interacted with, but you were the only one that seemed to really care about me and who worked with me as a partner in the process. Your professionalism and honesty was most refreshing and you can be assured of future success because of those two attributes.

David G.

Major Accounts Manager Health & Beauty Products Manufacturer


Thank you for your help and counsel over the past few weeks. I am both anxious and excited to start my new career. The fact that I received such a fabulous offer and opportunity is evidence of your professional service. I have worked with other recruiters in the past. You were the most professional. From our initial meeting to the interview preparation you provided (even the most seasoned sales people could benefit from it) to the ultimate offer you negotiated for me, I felt you really cared about me as a person. For that I am especially thankful.

Patrick C.

Sales Manager Business Products Manufacturer


I want to thank you for all your assistance in helping me obtain my new position as a sales engineer. I was very pleased with the manner in which you negotiated all of the terms of the offer I received. It is very easy to see that you are a consummate professional at what you do.

Raymond P.

Sales Engineer International Tool Company


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