by Peter Cotton, founder and president of Best Sales Talent, LLC


Ever sent an email to someone and not receive a reply?  Even a one-word reply?

Most of us have.


Email someone important details they need in order to run their business.

No reply.  Not even a simple “Thank you.”


Email a person with something they asked for.

No reply.  Not even a simple “Thx.”


Email someone information they need about an upcoming interview.

No reply.  Not even a simple “OK.”


There are other scenarios, but you get the picture.


This goes through your mind:  Did they receive my message? Is their email even working? I should have received a thank you.  What if they didn’t receive it in time – will they think I didn’t do what I had committed to doing? Don’t they care?  Aren’t they interested? Is it something I did or said that created some sort of a problem?


In more than four decades as a recruiter, I’ve had more than my share of emails that went unanswered.  Then I had the good fortune of working with Jim, the president of a southern industrial manufacturer. He not only answered every email, but he would reply with one-word answer that summed up what I wanted from him (or any other person for that matter) as a response.




In my book, it’s better than OK, thx, or thanks.  It means the message was both received and understood.




If you are the recipient of an email that only requires a simple response, try it. The other person will appreciate it, and you will be perceived as a professional.